Dr. Gediminas Valantiejus Law-Firm GVLEX

Attorney-at-Law dr. Gediminas Valantiejus

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Dr. Gediminas Valantiejus Law-Firm GVLEX

The Law-Firm GVLEX represents natural and legal persons in the Republic of Lithuania, defending their rights and legitimate interests in tax disputes (including disputes with customs), administrative and administrative offense cases, provides legal conclusions, recommendations, consultations and prepares procedural documents in other areas of law relevant to your personal needs.

20-years of legal experience of the Attorney-at-Law dr. Gediminas Valantiejus in legal work, specializing in (but not limited to) tax and customs disputes resolution and consulting, allows to offer complex solutions in virtually all relevant areas of international trade, customs or tax and customs regulation or related issues. applying both the law of the European Union and the law of the Republic of Lithuania, as well as resolving issues regulated by other branches of law.

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Representation in administrative and administrative offense cases with state (municipal) institutions on other issues regulated by public law (penalties, sanctions, permits, issuance of licenses, granting and administrating of state and EU aid, etc.);
Legal assistance in other areas related to business and personal activities of legal and natural persons (e. g. issues regulated by civil and labor law), representation (as required) in civil, labor disputes, preparation of procedural documents, contracts, claims, letters and other legal documents;
Conducting and organizing external and internal trainings on tax and customs issues, preparation of expert studies on taxation of planned economic / business activities;



Dr. Gediminas Valantiejus Law-Firm GVLEX

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