Glad to present a new personal website as well as my new personal contacts!

For some time now, I have noticed that in the course of my professional, practical and academic activities, there is a natural accumulation and increasing number of articles, reviews, comments or messages on various topics in various of law.

So I am happy to start my personal website ( and it’s English version, whic is fully operating since October, 2021, and invite to check out the “News/Blog” and “Commentaries/Insights” as well as other sections published in it, where everyone will be able to follow not only constantly updated information about taxes and duties/tariffs in EU and the Republic of Lithuania that are relevant to you/your bussiness, news/novelties of other branches law. The readers here will also be able to read my personal insights about other legal developments as well as planned and ongoing trainings and other public law projects for society and business.

I would like to point out that since 1’st of October, 2021, I have ceased my professional activity in the professional law partnership / law-firm ILAW LEXTAL (iLAW) in the Republic of Lithuania (, thus if you need to contact me directly, you’re always welcome to use the my contacts from this website: +370 668 82788 | e-mail:

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